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4th Annual Concert & Stargazing

Friday, September 27, 7pm

Cathedral of the Pines ~ 10 Hale Hill Road, Rindge, NH


Classical Irish performance featuring a trio of vocals, fiddle, and accordion.

Join us for a free guided tour of the skies following the concert, led by the NH Astronomical Society.

New Hampshire Astronomical Society


$30 Tickets for purchase at the gate on the day of the concert subject to availability.

Ciaran and Tara with Ishna

David McGrory

Ciaran Nagle (Irish Tenor) and Tara Novak (vocals, violin/fiddle) have been performing together since they met in 2005 on a bus at the beginning of a Christmas tour with Ciaran’s show, the Three Irish Tenors. Sharing both a passion for Irish music and for the art of entertainment, they soon after decided to develop their group “Ishna” - a project which would allow for more in-depth exploration of Irish and folk repertoire, as well as providing an opportunity to showcase their vocal harmonies, Tara’s up-beat arrangements of Irish instrumental music, and new compositions written by the pair of them.

David McGrory

David McGrory (piano, accordion) has been a member of Ishna since 2014, when Ciaran and Tara relocated the project to Boston. He is a sought-after classical pianist, music director, and composer, but being a Belfast man, he enjoys the opportunity within this group to return to some of his Irish roots!

Ishna is the name of the band that accompanies Ciaran and Tara (instruments include: guitar, mandolin, Irish whistles, uilleann bagpipes, accordion, piano, bodhran, and percussion). The members of Ishna have performed for Riverdance, on Broadway, with Symphony Orchestras, won Grammys, recorded hundreds of albums with other groups, and are truly some of the best musicians in the world. Ishna is an anglicized spelling of the ancient Irish name “Uisneach”, from the tale “Deirdre and the Sons of Uisneach”.

About this Program

This is a special program, appropriate for star-gazing in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern New Hampshire! It features a smaller ensemble of Ishna - tenor Ciaran Nagle, violinist/vocalist Tara Novak, and accordionist/pianist David McGrory. The repertoire focuses on some lesser-known Irish art songs, ballads, and classical-styled arrangements by both the performers and other Irish composers of instrumental airs, jigs, and reels.

Curious what this sounds like? Here are some links to similar styled recordings and live performances by Ciaran & Tara:

Red is the Rose
Meeting of the Waters
The Coolin
a Kildare Wedding

You can find more information on the artists on their webpages and social media, as well as on the band Ishna’s website


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